29 December 2013

Mega Orbital

Watching a marathon of TV via Netflix and aimlessly scrolling through Tumblr, I came across a whimsical illustration of the movie Gravity by Bebosoho and thought it was a good Illustrator exercise. Happy with the result of the line work and overall form.

27 December 2013

A Samples-y New Year

Working on a New Year's card design for the year-end wrap-up this afternoon, I had free reign in the office to just let the (internet) radio play and forgot some of the stuff I had queued up. 

Little Silver Ring by the Samples on an album I haven't listened to in probably ten years popped up as I'm closing out the year with the lyric "growing old, watching silver turn to gold." 

In the setting sun of Casco Bay's wintery light, I miss old friends I haven't connected with in far to long and the adventures of a younger self. With a slight smile I wish all my friends and family, from this life and past versions, a happy new year and wishes for a prosperous year ahead; a year of watching a little silver ring turn to gold. 

09 December 2013

The Sun Sets on an Interesting Year

And interesting it has been, though you wouldn't know it from the activity (or lack thereof) on this blog. This year has involved an eight month job hunt, a weekend certification in reiki, deep explorations into meditation and the shamanic role of art work, and the beginnings of a freelance illustration and design practice. And the entirety has been capped by a new career opportunity in the field of PR.

It feels odd to be relearning many skills I haven't actively used since I was in the journalism program at Emerson almost 15 years ago. And odder still to reflect that in the heat of collegiate angst, marketing, advertising and public relations were "dirty" in my mind, being concerned more with corporate promotion than with truth. And now, many years later, finding myself embedded in this industry, the irony is not lost on me. 

However, in the course of this year, despite many areas of discovery, there have been a number of areas where I have let things go. This can not be stood for any longer. The wife and I have begun the long road of shaping up for road races and we anticipate beginning a new Whole 30 challenge starting January 1. 

And while in the midst of tonight's "we're taking things back" jag, coupled with my utter disgust and frustration with Instagram's total lack of cooperation with my visual blogging efforts, I resolved to reclaim this space as well. 

So...yeah. Hi. I'll be around a little more now. 

15 October 2012

14 October 2012

Diving for Dollars (IF - Water)

A recent morning collage incorporating hand-drawn, found and digital elements. Fitting for this week's Illustration Friday theme - Water.

16 August 2012


Leap is a piece I did a while back,  maybe 6 months now. But it's appropos for where I find myself, and perhaps this was a bit of foretelling. Oh, and in case you're scratching your heads, yes, I find myself in the precarious position of leaping into a canyon and onto a passing hovering fish. And a less than ammenable one at that. ...It's all very surrealist. But then maybe that's giving myself too much credit. At the very least, it's all very absurd...

15 August 2012

Pope Hugorwar

Another collage from the archives. Playing with composition and subject. You can see my forte is subtlety. If memory serves, when I put this together, I was playing with fast collages and reading the NY Times fairly regularly. I suppose  this could have been more heavy-handed...


PongMonster is a quick collage character sketch I did a while back, highlighting a pimpin' old pong-master in reclusion. I've been revisiting some old(ish) sketchbooks recently and came across some collage I'd almost forgotten about. There'll be more to follow.